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Côte des blancs 

 Montrachet  Pasteur Champagne Pasteur Red Premier Cuvee
Red X X X X X
Rosé / Blush X        
White X X X   X
Sparkling X       X
Sensory Effect          
Fruity Esters X        
Full Bodied   X   X  
Neutral     X   X
Other Characteristics          
Vigourous fermenter   X X X X
Ferment to dryness   X X X X
Stuck fermentation restarter     X   X
Ethanol tolerant     X   X
SO2 tolerant X X X X X
Low foaming X       X
Low Urea         X
Low Fuse oil         X
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Amount Price

Red Star Cote Des Blancs                          Saccharomyces cerevisiae


Selected from a French grape cultivar.


Fast fermenting strain that ensures a regular fermentation even at low temperature (12°C-14°C, 53°F-57°F).

Little temperature increase in case of fermentation temperature is not controlled.

Alcohol tolerance: >14% vol.

Low production of foam and very low volatile acidity and sulphur compound production with an adapted nitrogen contribution (balanced addition of organic and mineral nitrogen).


• Wines obtained with the Côte des Blancs yeast strain present very fine fruity aromas.

• This strain respects typical varietal aromas of the grapes and intensifies primary aromas, especially those of very aromatic grape cultivars such as Sauvignon Blanc and Moscato.

• With a good nitrogen supplementation, Côtes des Blancs can also produce a high quantity of fermentative aromas that value wines obtained from neutral grapes.


• Ideal for all high quality white wines with intense varietal expression such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Moscato.

• Allows an optimum aromatic expression for the production of wines derivated from neutral grape cultivars.

As an aromatic yeast strain, Côte des Blancs also showed very good results on sparkling and rosé wines.

5 Gram

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 Red Star Montrachet  

Saccharomyces cerevisiae   


• First yeast strain selected by the University of Davis, California. Largely used in the United States of America.


• This strain guaranties a quick start of the fermentation by rapidly settling into the must faced with indigenous microflora.

Good alcohol resistance (till 15% vol.) and specially recommended for fermentation without temperature control thanks to its ability to ferment within a large temperature range (15°C to 35°C, 59°F to 95°F).

• Optimum resistance to all nutritional deficiencies (musts poor in available nitrogen) and to difficult conditions

(strongly clarified musts, high SO2 content).


• Neutral strain regarding the aromatic profile. Variety respect.

• Selected for its ability to give very clean aromas and characterised by a low production of volatile acidity

and acetaldehyde.


• Ideal strain for big volumes of wine when winemakers are mainly looking for a secure fermentation.

• Well adapted to the production of high quality red and white wines, in which varietal aroma complexity is


• Optimum for the production of full-bodied red and white wines.

5 Gram

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Red Star Pasteur Champagne      

          Saccharomyces bayanus


• Selected by the Pasteur Institute of Paris. Largely used in the United States of America.


• Particularly strong yeast strain with a very high alcohol tolerance (> 16% vol.)

• Low volatile acidity and acetaldehyde production.

• Good resistance to low temperature fermentation (14°C).

• Low nutrient requirements (nitrogen and fatty acids).


• This yeast strain confers body and roundness thanks to its high glycerol production and promotes the development of fresh and clean aromas.

• Allows obtaining obtaining pure and pleasant aromas thanks to a straight fermentation.

• Excellent for the production of white thermo regulated and sparkling wines.


• Ideal for wines produced in big quantity.

• Production of young wines.

• Production of high alcohol white and red wines, in which the winemaker wants to keep freshness and varietal

aromas while controlling fermentation temperature.

• Pasteur Champagne is one of the best strains to avoid sluggish fermentation and to restart stuck ones with remaining residual sugars thanks to its ability to assimilate fructose and to resist to alcohol.

• Recommended for the production of sparkling wines processed by traditional or Charmat methods.

5 Gram

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Red Star Premier Cuvee

Saccharomyces bayanus


Premier Cuvée originates from France and was specially selected by Lesaffre.


The fastest, cleanest and most neutral fermenter in our product range. Able to ferment within a wide temperature range: 7°C - 35°C (45°F - 95°F)

Yeast with a high tolerance to ethanol (till 18% vol.) and free sulphur dioxides. Ferments to dryness.


Neutral strain allowing varietal aromas expression of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir either on the own or in blends.

Produces characteristic aromas of the Champenoise method: bread crust, hazelnut, butter…

Premier Cuvée is specially recommended for the prise de mousse of quality sparkling wines by valuing base wine varietal characteristics.


Ideal for high quality sparkling wines processed with classic or Charmat method whose base wines are made up

of Chardonnay, Pinot (Noir, Blanc and Gris)…

Well adapted for the production of dry white wines with varietal expression (Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Gris)

Performs very well for restarting stuck fermentations

5 Gram

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Red Star Pasteur Red

Saccharomyces cerevisiae


• Selected by the University of Davis, California. This yeast strain is widely used in the United States.


This strain guarantees a fast start of the fermentation process while taking immediately the upper hand on the

indigenous flora

Good alcohol resistance (till 15% vol.)

• Present a complete and regular fermentation kinetic within a wide temperature range from 17°C to 30°C

• Low volatile acidity and acetaldehyde production under suitable nutritional conditions


• Strain able to improve the softness and the roundness of full bodied wines thanks to the valorisation of the lightest


• Varietal strain adapted to the vinification of Bordeaux grapes: development of “cut herbs” like aromas with

Cabernet Sauvignon and “ripen fruits” like aromas with Merlot

• Adapted to international market requirements by producing full bodied red wines poor in astringency

• Production of complex aromas which combine with oak flavors to create a very original organoleptic profile, what can

bring character to the lightest wines


• Recommended for the vinifications of high quality red wines aged in oak barrels

• Particularly adapted to the production of red wines from Cabernet, Merlot and Shiraz grape families and to all full bodied wines

• For long maceration processes with grapes rich in astringent tannins

5 Gram

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