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Gluten Free Ale

Hard Cider

Recipe of the Month


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J = Award Winning Recipe


Extract & Partial Mash


American Amber Ale (10B) P/M


Amber Ale  (E)

Moose Drool Clone

Belgian White


Belgian White -P/M

Pumpkin Ale J

Belgian Golden Ale

Chocolate Porter

Belgian Saison P/ M


Dunkelweizen - P/ M


Extract Me Cream Ale


English Pale Ale


First Brew Light Pale Ale


Heavy Brown Ale




Honey Steam


Hot Yeast Belgian Ale


Irish Red Ale


Just Hefeweizen


Mild English Ale


Lite Summer Ale


Scotch Amber


Smoked Amber J


Smoked Rye


Summer Ale 04


Summer Ale 05


Summer Ale 10


Rogers Honey Light Ale J


Valentine Red J


Winter Warmer


Bobs Winter Warm Her J


1879 Weyermann Stout


Extract Recipe and Tips


      Ales- All Grain:

American Pale Ale

English Pale Ale

Newly Wed Belgian Ale

Dunkelweizen - Partial Mash

1800 English Ale

Bob's Winter Warmer Spiced Ale

Lager & Pilsner

     Lagers - Extract:               Lagers- All Grain:


Lagers - Extract


First Light Lager Partial Mash


Lagers- All Grain:

DoppleBock - Partial Mash

American   Pre-Prohibition Lager

German Pilsner J

Oktoberfest  J

Traditional Bock

Bavarian Helles

Winter Helles

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