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Had any flat beer lately? Then you need the *Carbonater

 Want to carbonate water and save money? How about sparkling wine?


  # 11560  ---     $19.90
The Carbonater From Liquid Bread




The *Carbonater makes it easy to keep that beer fresh by keeping a head space of CO2 in a standard PET Bottle. Filling with CO2 and and a Carbonater.
Carbonaters fit most PET bottles. Whether you use a 2 liter bottle or a 20 ounce bottle, the *Carbonater works great! So keep your beer, carbonate spring water or sparkle your wine.



*Liquid Bread Inc. is the manufacturer and distributor of the Carbonater

Text Box: See Line Assembly Below
Co2 Line Assembly

# 55351-14  Ball Lock Fitting w/ 5 foot 1/4"  Clear Flex tubing and clamp to barb Co2 outlet $13.99

# 55351-16  Ball Lock Fitting w/ 5 foot 1/4"  Clear Flex tubing and 1/4" flare to Co2 outlet $15.99


                 # 55518 -16

                                    16 Gram Co2 Charger  Hand Charger with Ball Disconnect  $27.75

       The Carbonater From Liquid Bread

                               Use to Carbonate  1-4 Two Liters of water per cartridge

                                               Easily Connect Co2 Charger to the Carbonator cap.

                                                Pull Hand trigger and pressurize the 2-liter bottle.


                                 #11525 3 Pack Food Grade 16 gram Co2  $ 6.60


Looking for larger Co2 System

Please See: Carbonated  Soda Dispensing Arm - &  Accessories






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