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Equipment Sanitizing - Bottles & Corks


Follow these easy steps for sanitizing your equipment.


            Use the One Step Cleaner / Sanitizer for all equipment.

Primary Bucket Fermenter, Secondary Glass Fermenter, tubing anything that touches your wine during fermentation.

But NOT your Wine Bottles or Corks.


Mix (1) level tablespoon of the ‘One Step’ Powder with One gallon of warm water. Blend well to totally dissolve. Pour the solution over the piece of equipment you are sanitizing to coat the surface completely. Then Let Air Dry. As the surface dries the solution will sanitize the surface area for up to 60 minutes in a closed area. (not outside)


TIP: When starting, mix a gallon of the ‘One Step’ solution in your Primary Fermenting bucket. Drain the solution threw the spigot. (This also a good way to check your spigot for leaks.) Also pour some solution over the lid, paddle, and airlock and into the hydrometer test tube with the hydrometer. Lay the air lock, paddle and lid on some paper towel to dry. Empty the hydrometer tube and let the tube and hydrometer dry. Pour out the unused solution in the bucket and place the bucket upside down on some paper towels to also dry. After about 15 minutes you are ready to go. Never reuse the solution and always prepare it before use.

            When sanitizing the glass carboy, mix a gallon of the ‘One Step’ solution and coat the inside surface well. Don’t forget anything else that will touch your wine. (Stopper, airlock, tubing etc.) Let the equipment then air dry and use. 




Mix this sanitizer for your bottles and for soaking your corks.

Potassium or Sodium Metabisulphite



TIP: Before bottling. Mix 1/3 teaspoon of the  Metabisulphite in 2-1/2 gallons of warm water in the primary bucket. Run some of the solution threw the spigot. Fill a small bowl to soak your corks. (15 minutes) From the spigot fill your clean rinsed wine bottles with one inch of the Metabisulphite solution. Swirl the solution to coat the inside of the bottle as your drain out the solution. DO NOT POUR THE SOLUTION BACK INTO THE BUCKET. Let the bottles upside down, only drip dry. Attach the tubing onto the spigot and run the solution threw it, also the bottle filler and siphon. At this point anything that will touch your wine should be sanitized with the Metabisulphite solution.









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